Czech Yabronetsu Nado Nisou craftsmen
The hand -made capabon has arrived this winter.


Handmade one by one by the Czech traditional technique
Valuable glass capabons are available in limited quantities.
It's a very popular item, so please get it as soon as possible!


A delicate and artistic pattern like antique and a solid color and coating.
It is an "only one" item that is full of fine design and handmade warmth.


The combination of colors and coating is a special order carefully selected by the buyers of Takawa Seisakusho!
It is a gem only for Takawa Works who knows accessories parts.

The point is because the back of the cabon is also a special order!
Since it was finished flat, it can be attached to a round plate type bracket ◎
We are particular about ease of use as an accessory.

If you make it an accessory, the presence will be ◎
It will be a different item that is different from usual.



Since it is made by hand, each color comes out and how to enter gold foil.
The size and pattern are varied, with the color stand out from the clear type.
Try to choose from the design you care about ◎





KR0623 Czech carton flower framing necklace

The delicate and artistic Czech cabon is wrapped in beads and turned into a long pendant. It is a design where you can enjoy the beauty of the capoon.


Recommended parts


The Czech glass capabon with a flat back side is outstanding with a round plate type accessory bracket!

Large capoons are brooches and hair accessories.
Small capoons are for ear accessories and rings.

Let's choose from recommended parts while referring to arrangement examples!


-Click here is the recommended adhesive-