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Czech Seed White Hearts Dark Blue [Outlet]

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 61033702
size Approximated 7.5mm
入数 7g (approx. 13 pieces)
価格(税込) ¥165 ¥330 –50%
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It is a beads that made beautiful colors by putting white glass on the center of the beads and putting the color glass around.

The hole size is about 1.5 to about 2.5 mm. Large holes can be used through chain, cord, etc.
* there may be bubbles in the product.
* the same size notation varies depending on the color.
* because there are individual differences, size and number are standard.
* the Czech beads are easy to produce color irregularities per manufacturing, and may differ from the color you are printing. In addition, the size and size may be slightly different depending on the time of arrival
* the size is changed from about 7 mm to 7.5 mm. Please understand beforehand.