My fave = my favorite. MY Fave Color that incorporates your favorite color accessories into fashion to express your style and make you feel positive. Introducing plenty of Kiwa Crystal color items that give a slightly different unique impression from other people and can be communicated with people around you!

Pink & purple

Both warm and cold colors are compatible, and you can enjoy a wide range of coloring. It is a perfect color for adding a simple coordination point or adding a seasonal feeling.



Blue that is compatible with any metal fittings such as gold and rhodium color, and can enjoy expressive styling. It is a color that gives a neat and tight impression.



A green that you can enjoy from natural impressions to classic atmosphere. It is a well -balanced color that is good at combining with various materials.



Monotone accessories that are widely used from casual everyday styling to formal scenes. It is a color that allows you to enjoy your own styling and give a sophisticated impression.