User Guide

About the product

・ The price display of the online store is "tax included".
・ The color of the product photo may be slightly different from the real thing due to the nature of the monitor display.
・ Color, shape, and size may vary depending on the production time and size, and natural materials and handmade products.
・ Products handled differ depending on the store. When purchasing at the store, directly to the store usedinquiryPlease come to the store.
・ Our accessory parts are sold assumed to be used as accessories. Be careful when handling small children so that they do not lick, put them in their mouths, or swallow.
・ For more information about handling accessories and metal fittingsHere

New member registration

How to use "Takawa Seisakusho Online Store" Member registrationIs required.Member registration is free.
Please register from the membership registration screen when shopping for the first time. We will strive to protect personal information based on the following provisions for your personal information provided.
Privacy policyHere

About points

-The total of each product with "Purchased amount (tax included) x 1 %" is returned as a point.
・ Since the target of the point is only the product amount, there is no subtraction from the shipping fee or fee.
・ The point is After the shipment is completedIt will be given to.
・ If you purchase using points, there is no point given to the purchase.

・ It can be used when purchasing the product next time as "1 point = 1 yen".
・ The number of points and usage history can be checked from My Page by logging in.
・ Please refrain from adding or changing points after your order is completed.
The point system is different from the point card issued at the actual store, and it cannot be shared.Please note that.

・ The expiration date of the points is two years from the grant.
・ Please note that the points will be expired sequentially after the expiration date, and you will not be able to use it.

・ Points are converted to coupons and applied as discounts by setting the use points in the cart (image ①) (image ②).

・ Points can be used in the cart (image ①). Since it cannot be set on the payment screen, please return to the cart screen once. You can return to the cart screen from the pink shopping bag icon (image ③) displayed at the top right of the payment screen.
* If the total amount is less than 5,000 yen using points, shipping will be incurred.
* Point use cannot be used in conjunction with "Tadori Discount" or "Coupon".

how to order

(1) Login or member registration

Press the login icon, enter your email address and password in the form, and log in.
* For the first time (those who do not have a password for the Kiwa Works online Store), please register as a new member.

(2) Find products and recipes

From the menu's "product" and "recipe", you can search for products and recipes for each category. From "Sagasu", you can search for products and recipes with free words.
"one point"
The display method can be selected on the product list screen, so please use it.
See in the image: Color ninup is easy to see.
See in detail: It is easy to see the development of the size and number of input. You can add it to the cart from the list screen.

(3) Put the product in the cart

Once you have decided the product you want, enter the quantity of the parts and press "Add to the cart".
If you press "Add the checked material to the cart" for recipe products, you can put the parts together in the cart. If you change the number of parts purchased in the recipe product, you can change it in the cart.

(4) Accounting

Check the product on the cart screen, press "Go to the purchase procedure" and proceed to the payment screen.
If an error message is displayed in the cart and the "Go to the Purchase Procedure" is not displayed, adjust and delete the product and quantity in the cart according to the contents of the error message.

Example: The stock of ○○○ is insufficient. → As it is in the cart more than the stock number, please adjust the purchase quantity.
Example: "Ordered products" and "Normal products" products cannot be ordered at the same time. → Please delete either "Products taken" or "Normal product" from the shopping basket, complete the settlement of one product, and order again.

(5) Delivery destination selection, payment method selection

You can select the designated address receiving and over -the -counter receipt.
You can also receive the designated address to a different address in addition to the registered destination. You can press the "∨" (image ①) displayed in the upper right and add the information on the destination.

You can choose from credit card payment, PayPal, post -month payment (convenience store/account transfer), postpayment (convenience store/bank ATM), PayPay, COD.
* If you specify the store receipt, you can use only "credit card payment".

About cart

Products put in the cart during the login are automatically saved by the "cart storage function". If there is a product that was put in the cart at the time of the last login, the pop -up is displayed whether to put the cart content into one or delete.

If you leave it without operating a certain period of time, the expiration date of the session login expires and the contents of the cart will be cleared once, but if you are logging in and shopping.Return to the cart with the product in the re -login.

・ When the customer is "deleted" on its own.
・ When the cart content is combined into one with the out -of -stock [Product A] is put in the cart, [Product A] without stock is deleted from the cart.

* Product stock is not secured until all purchase procedures are completed.
* The price of the product, the number of entry, etc. may be changed. Please note that the information may be different from the time of putting it in the cart for a long -term cart.

About coupon

Coupons may be distributed from Takawa Seisakusho during events and fair. Please use all means.
Also, when using points, points are converted to coupons and discounts are applied.
In addition, various discounts such as more discounts may be applied as coupons.

Depending on the coupon, it may not be possible to use points, more than another coupon.Please note.

[Flow of coupon use]
(1) Once you have decided to purchase the product, please proceed from the cart screen to the purchase procedure.
(2) There is a part where the coupon code is entered in the payment screen.
(3) Enter your coupon code in the frame written as the coupon code.
(5) Please confirm that the contents of the coupon are reflected in your order and confirm the order.

・ Coupons will be sent by e -mail to those who have a birthday registration and want an e -mail magazine in the member information.
・ Please register your birthday by the 25th of the birthday of your birthday.
・ Birthday coupons can be used until the end of the birth month.

・ Depending on the coupon, it may not be possible to use it with another coupon.
・ It is possible that the code is incorrectly entered or the expiration date has expired. Please check again before shopping.

There is no coupon distribution on sites other than Takashi Works. Please be careful of coupon sites that are unrelated to us.

About favorite

Press the heart mark next to the "Add to Cart" and "Materials" and "Purchase / Purchase" button to save the product in "Favorites".
You can see the saved products and recipes from your favorite page.
In addition, your favorite product is displayed on the product page or recipe page, and the heart mark is pink.

You can use your favorite function without logging in, but the content will be cleared after a certain period of time. If you want to save the contents, log in.

About order history

You can check your order history from the order history of My Page.
Order numberpushYou can confirm the details, re -purchase the product, cancel (order to meet the conditions only), and issue a receipt.

Re -purchase of products ordered in the past

[Flow of re -purchase]
(1) My Page → Order history → Press order number → To details of order history
(2) There is a product list and a "re -purchase" button in the detailed page of the order history. You can put the product in the cart from the "Re -Purchase" button.

・ When you press "Re -purchase", all products will enter the cart with "quantity 1".
・ Change the quantity in the cart.
* Waiting and sales discontinued products do not enter the cart.


You can cancel your order from the order history. There are conditions for cancellation. About the cancellation of the orderHere

Issuance of receipt

You can issue a receipt from the order history. Regarding the issuance of the receiptHere

Payment method

Please select the payment method from the following.
[Credit card payment] [PayPal] [Atone paid postpaid (convenience store/account transfer)] [postpayment (convenience store/Bank ATM)] [PayPay] [COD]

* If you specify the store receipt, you can use only [Credit Card Payment]. About the store receiptHere

Credit card payment

[Available credit card]
VISA | Master Card | JCB | American Express | Diners Club

The number of payments is only one payment.
Please use a credit card in the name of the person.
You need to enter the card number, expiration date, and security code on the payment screen.

Personal information such as credit card information is encrypted so that customers can use it safely.

Credit card payment will be settled within 3 business days after ordering. Products that take time to ship will be paid in advance. Please note.

privacy policyPlease read and agree.


The payment procedure with PayPalClick here (to the official page of PayPal)

■ Notes
If you are using a Diners Club Card, you will be handled only as a Discover card at the time of PayPal payment, so you will be settled in the US dollar. Therefore, there may be a difference between the payment amount displayed in Japanese yen and the withdrawal amount displayed in Japanese yen.
Please check with the card issuer for the payment exchange rate.

ATONE Payment the following month (convenience store/account transfer)

ATONE (Atone) is a monthly payment that anyone can use immediately.
You can put together this month's usage and pay at a convenience store or account transfer the following month.
You can use it by logging in with the registered mobile phone number and password.
(If you have not registered as a member, you will need to register a new member.)

One point for 200 yen, you will earn great NP points for ATONE shopping. Detail is,ATONE official pagePlease refer to the.

How to use Atone PCHow to use Atone SP

■ Payment method
We will email the number required for payment by e -mail early in the month following the shopping.
Please pay at a convenience store device such as Loppi or a bank ATM (pay-easy) by the 10th of the following month.
You can choose from the following four payment methods. Please complete the procedure by the end of the month from the smartphone app or the web My Page.

(1) Convenience store terminal / Bank ATM (pay-easy) * Standard setting
(2) Electronic barcode (convenience store)
(3) Postcard invoice (convenience store)
(4) Account transfer
* Convenience store terminal / bank ATM (pay-earth) cannot be paid at Seven-Eleven.
* You can also pay the electronic barcode and postcard invoice at Seven -Eleven.

■ Notes
・ The payment fee is free.
・ The billing fee of 209 yen (tax included) will be charged only for the month of use. (Free for account transfer)
・ Payment date varies depending on the payment method.
・ The price is from Net Protections Co., Ltd.Membership rulesBased on, we will request it by the specified method.
・ You may receive a billing email before shipping the product.

■ ATONE services provided by Net Protections are applied.

■ Click here for frequently inquired and frequently asked questions:Atone is the first guide

Postpaid (convenience store/bank ATM)

After the order is completed, it is a safe and simple "post -payment" that can be paid at "Convenience store / Bank ATM".
You can use it with only your mobile phone number and e -mail address.

■ Flow of payment
・ The day after the order is confirmed, we will inform you of the billing amount by email and SMS. Please pay by 10 days later.

■ Notes
・ The postpaid fee is 209 yen (tax included).
・ The price is from Net Protections Co., Ltd.Membership rulesBased on, we will request it by the specified method.
·Detail is,ATONE official pagePlease refer to the.
・ You may receive a billing email before shipping the product.

■ ATONE services provided by Net Protections are applied.

■ Inquiries-Frequently Asked Questions:Atone is the first guide


The payment procedure on PayPay isClick here (to the official page of SB Payment Service)

Cash on delivery

When delivering the product, you will pay the price to the delivery company (Japan Post) in cash.
Please note that a cash on delivery fee of 330 yen (tax included) will be charged in addition to the shipping fee.
* For some reason, even if you reply to the shipper, the COD fee will be charged.

About receipt

Credit payment, PayPal, paid the following month, and postpayment can be issued an electronic receipt (PDF) from My Page. (Sample of an e -receipt)
The address is the name registered in the member information. Please note that it cannot be changed when the receipt is issued.

[Procedure for issuance]
(1) Access the order history from My Page.
(2) Press the order number of order history list to issue the order history and proceed to the order history details.
(3) Press the "Receipt issuance" button at the top of the page.
(4) The receipt (PDF) will be displayed on the screen, so please save it in data or print from your printer. In principle, the receipt is issued only once.

If the receipt (PDF) is displayed on the screen, if the page is closed or returned, the word "reissue" will be included even if it is not printed. After preparing the printing environment in advance, press the "Receipt issuance" button.

[Cash on delivery]
If you wish to receive a receipt, please tell the delivery person at the time of delivery that you want to receive a receipt.

About delivery and shipping costs

Product delivery

[Normal delivery (delivered to your home, etc.)] It will be shipped during 3 business days from the date of acceptance.
The product delivery is Yu -Pack of Japan Post.
It will be delivered only in Japan.

[Store receipt] We will arrive at the store during 5-10 business days from the date of acceptance. We will notify you of the arrival at the store by e -mail.
About the store receiptHere

* We do not send shipping on days and holidays. If a part of the order of Saturdays, holidays, GW, Obon, New Year holidays, and many orders are very crowded, it may take some time to ship the product.
* Regarding remote islands, it will be a ship.
* If you purchase adhesive, batteries, etc., you will not be able to deliver air transportation when delivering to Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture, so it will be delivered by ship. Please note that it may take more than a week to arrive.
In the unlikely event that stock is out of stock, we will contact you by e -mail or telephone.


If the total amount of one purchase is 5,000 yen (tax included) or more, the shipping fee will be free.
In addition, if the order amount is below 5,000 yen (tax included), the shipping fee will be borne by the customer. It is 530 yen (tax included) nationwide.
Store receipt is free shipping.

About overseas delivery services

Overseas delivery/International Shipping

Takawa Works Online Store has introduced WorldShopping. By using the services of overseas delivery companies below, you can deliver them overseas. If you wish to deliver overseas, please use the following services.

You Can Purchase Kiwaseisakujo Products from overseas. We have Introduced WorldShopping Service Who WiLL Purchase on BEHALF OF YOU AND DELIVER it to to. Your Doorstep. With Support Available in Multiple Languages, Enjoy Shopping in Kiwaseisakujo.

■ International Shipping Guide

・ WORLDSHOPPING is a “Japan -domestic EC site agency purchase” service operated by Zigzag Co., Ltd.
・ You do not need to register as a member of the Kiwa Seisakusho online store.
・ Worldshopping will provide a dedicated cart for multiple languages ​​in English, Chinese (simplified/vine).
・ For details, please refer to the Worldshopping official website and FAQ.



About product delivery

It will be delivered only in Japan. We will ship during the shortest day to 3 business days from the date of acceptance.
( * Sundays and holidays are not served. We do not carry out the order of Saturdays, holidays, GW, Obon, New Year holidays, and if the order is very crowded, the product is shipped. It may take some time.)
In the unlikely event that stock is out of stock, we will contact you by e -mail or telephone.

About the product taken

Products described as "Ordered products" (such as some Takawa Crystal large bags, etc.) will take 3 business days or more depending on the stock status due to ordering and ordering from domestic and overseas warehouses and manufacturers. There is. In addition, depending on the product, the delivery date may fluctuate, so please note that you can order it in advance.
In addition, it may not be possible to order due to the out -of -print manufacturer. In that case, we will contact you.

[Flow from order to shipping]
(1) What is displayed in the stock status column that is displayed as "Product taken" is "Product taken".

(2) Press the "Add to Cart" button to display a message. Check the contents and press "Agree" to add a product to the cart.

(3) "Products taken" and regular products cannot be put in the cart at the same time. If you put it at the same time, an error message will be displayed in the cart, so delete the cart inside or the "normal product" and update the cart.

(4) Please proceed to "Purchase procedure" from inside the cart and confirm the order.

(5) We will check the delivery date of the “ordered product” and ship it sequentially if it can be shipped within 3 business days.

(6) We will inform you of the delivery date by e -mail only if it takes 3 business days or more.

* "Products taken" cannot be ordered at the same time as normal products.
* If the regular product is in the same cart as "ordered product", you will not be able to proceed to the purchase procedure.
* We cannot bundle the "product you are ordered" and the normal product.
* Cancellation of "Products taken" is refrained from canceling.
* Delivery time may fluctuate depending on the product.
* It may not be possible to order due to the manufacturer's discontinuation.
* If you order more than one "Products taken", we will ship as soon as all products are available.
* Credit card payments will be settled at the time of order completion. Products that take time to ship will be paid in advance.

Please understand in advance about the above.

Restock information

The product displayed as "Restock notice" is a product that is currently in stock in the online store.
Press the "Restock notification" button and apply for an email. When the product arrives, we will notify you by e -mail to the entered e -mail address.

* Please note that if the product is difficult to arrive, the notification by e -mail will not be distributed even if you apply for the "Restock Notification".
* Applications for "restock notifications" are different from ordering and reservations, so we do not guarantee the acceptance of orders and deliver products.
* If the product is difficult to arrive, the notation on the page may be changed to "discontinuation".

Changes / additions / cancellations of orders

Change / addition

If you have changed your order, please cancel from My Page once and order again.
If you order again, the product may not be available due to the fluctuation of the stock status. Please note.


Orders within an hour of order reception can be canceled from My Page.
* However, there is a possibility that the cancellation cannot be accepted due to the shipping status. note that.

[Cancellation procedure]
(1) Access the order history from My Page.
(2) Press the "Cancel" button on the order you want to cancel the order history list and complete the cancellation.
* The timing when canceled is within one hour from the order reception. If the "Cancel" button is gray and cannot be pressed, you cannot cancel.

[Procedure to put the same product in the cart after cancellation]
Cancellation history also remains in the order history.
(1) Access the order history from My Page.
(2) Press "Order number" of the canceled order in the order history list and proceed to the order history details.
(3) You can put the product again in the cart from the "Re -Purchase" button in the page.
* All quantities to enter the cart are 1. If you have more than 1 bag, change it in the cart.
* Waiting and sales discontinued products do not enter the cart.

Confirmation of shipping status

After shipping, we will send you a shipping completion email with the tracking number of Yu -Pack. You can also check from the "order history" of My Page.

About store receipt

About the store receiptHere

About exchange / return

Please check if the delivered product is definitely the ordered product, or if there is no damage or defect.
In case of inconvenience (incorrect delivery, damage, defective), we accept exchanges and returns.inquiryPlease contact us more. In addition, we cannot accept exchanges or returns due to customer's convenience.

Replacement / return in case of incorrect delivery

If there is a mistake (the product is insufficient or wrong), please contact us within one week after the arrival of the product. Additional shipping / exchange (refund only if there is no stock) will be made.

Replacement / return in case of damage or defective

The quality of the product to be delivered is perfect, but if there is damage at the shipping stage, if you contact us within one week after the arrival of the product, you can only replace it (refund only if you have no stock. )

Examples that cannot be replaced or returned

We cannot accept returns and exchanges for your convenience.

● I made a mistake in ordering color, shape, size, quantity, etc.
● It was different from the image
● Products used once
● Products that have dirt, scratches, and damaged under the customer

Products that can accept returns and exchanges are limited to unused. We cannot accept products with some processing and processing.
Also, please note that it may not be defective due to the characteristics of product characteristics.
If the product is attached to the product, please contact the manufacturer directly.
Returns and exchanges of products purchased at the online store are not available at stores.

About e -mail magazine

Regarding or canceling e -mail magazinesHere


For inquiriesHere

Guidelines for commercial use

About commercial use of "parts"

Products purchased at Takawa Works are available for commercial use. (Some are not eligible)
Please check the usage conditions below and use it.

● There is no problem using the parts purchased by our company and producing and selling accessories with your original design. By all means, please use our products.
● The name of "Takuwa Seisakusho" has been used for the wording. (Example: "You can buy this part at Takashi Works" "Please contact the Takuwa Works", etc.)
● We are not sure to sell products with our name as they are. (OPP bags, tools, kits, sets, etc. are included in the name of "Takuwa Seisakusho")
● We refrain from selling it in our bag.
● Selling our recipes is prohibited. (See "Use of" Recipes "below")
● We do not bear any responsibility if the product after completion occurs using our parts.

About commercial use of "Takawa Crystal"

It is available for commercial use, except for companies and sole proprietors.
Please check the usage conditions below and use it.
* If you are a company or sole proprietor, if you want to use crystal glass parts in your Please contact us by email.

● When describing parts used, it is possible to write notation such as "Using Kiwa Crystal" and "Using high quality crystal glass parts made in Europe".
● If you want to describe the description of the Kiwa Crystal, you can quote the following sentences.
“Kiwa Crystal” is a crystal glass with a very precise cut.
It is produced by European manufacturers with a proven track record in a wide range of fields such as fashion jewelry interiors, achieving high -professional quality. "

About commercial use of "recipe"

● Copyrights such as our recipes are paid, free of charge, and you belong to Takawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. regardless of the format of printed materials and data. We are prohibited from unauthorized double made, unauthorized reproduction, unauthorized reproduction, unauthorized distribution, and sales of unauthorized copies, scanning, digitalization, etc.
● We are not sure to sell works that have been duplicated as they are. (It is possible to use it as an inspiration source and use it.)

About the use of "images"

● The works such as the text and images in the Kiwa Seisakusho on -runs will belong to the Takawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Duplicate, unauthorized reproduction prohibited.