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Raster, Clay, Sapphire.

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商品番号 61460102
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入数 1 set/20g (Putty A: 10g, Putty B: 10g)
価格(税込) ¥1,595
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This is a powerful adhesive, such as clay that can be enjoyed by a glossy decorating decoration.

The material is epoxy resin.Putty A, Pathé B, and two kinds of raster clay are mixed together until they are free from the same amount of razors, and they will be filled with parts such as precious crystal from the top of the base.As the colors are well-designed, you can see the motif of a wide area such as brooch.The time to hardening is long, and the workhours are approximately 120 minutes.I have a pair of dedicated gloves.Dedicated gloves are used for disposable use, and use one-time use only once.
It is available for use with the original base of the Kiwa production center, Mir plate, and the Design Mir plate.
* Raster clay can become hard or mixed in a place where the temperature is low.When rigid, the raster clay does not get wet, so it can be put into plastic bags for about 40 °C hot water for one to two minutes in hot water, and the softness will return.
*The due date is 1 year from purchase.Please use it early after you open the seal.
*Please check the product envelope description for notes.
(Hard time)
The stiffening began in about 120 minutes, and it is fully hardened in about 24 hours.

素材: エポキシ樹脂