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Jewelry cleaner (100ml)

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商品番号 60009807
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入数 1 (100ml)
価格(税込) ¥1,925
A cleaning solution that can be used for various materials such as natural stones and precious metals.

In addition to dirt such as dust, it has the effect of removing the film at the beginning of discoloration, and soaking it in the cleaning solution for a few minutes will restore its shine. Comes with leaflet, mini brush, and S-shaped hook.
*Old dirt and severe dark spots may not be completely removed.
*Please be careful about the cleaning time for porous materials such as pearl, coral, and turquoise, dye-finished products, and products that use adhesives, as there is a possibility of discoloration, deterioration, or decolorization.
*Jewelry that can be washed: pearls, opals, coral, jade, agate, diamonds, moonstone, onyx, aquamarine, turquoise topaz, cameo, zircon, garnet, tourmaline, ivory, sapphire, amethyst, malachite, etc.
*Precious metals that can be washed: gold, silver, platinum, brass, titanium, pink gold, white gold, gold plating, silver plating, stainless steel, germanium, etc.