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Fluorine coating agent for accessories Sweat Barrier

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商品番号 62673501
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入数 1 piece (10g)
価格(税込) ¥1,980
A coating agent to prevent metal allergies. Apply to metal parts that come in contact with the skin, such as chain necklaces, ear accessories, and rings.

This is a highly safe coating agent that does not contain harmful substances. It prevents the elution of nickel, a typical metal that causes metal allergies, through sweat, reducing discomfort. It's a smooth liquid like lotion and easy to handle. You can prevent allergies caused by metal accessories by applying it with a brush or cotton swab, or by dipping it directly into the liquid and letting it dry for about 30 seconds. When it dries, it becomes a thin film and the color is transparent, so you can use it without changing the appearance of your accessories. Even if it adheres to non-metallic parts of accessories (jewelry, textiles, plastic, etc.), it is okay to leave it as is. After opening, there is no expiration date and you can use it until the end by storing it tightly. It is also effective in preventing discoloration, but the effect is weaker compared to Jewelry Protect. If you want to enhance both effects, you can increase the effect by applying Sweat Barrier (metal allergy prevention coating) on ​​top of Jewelry Protect (metal tarnish prevention coating).
*The film will gradually become thinner as it rubs against your skin and clothes. In this case, reapplying from above will restore the effect.
*This is a product that reduces allergic reactions, but its effectiveness may vary depending on individual differences and usage environment.
* Regarding the capacity, it is assumed that a chain etc. will be placed directly in the container and coated, and approximately 70% of the container will be 10g. Please note.

・Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
・Flammability: None
・Odor: None (slight odor for some people)
・Expiration date: No expiration date even after opening (stored in a sealed container)

素材: フッ素化樹脂、フッ素溶剤



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