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When registering for an e-mail newsletter at the same time as member registration

"New member registration"You can register for distribution by checking the box next to "I would like to receive the e-mail newsletter" at the bottom of the page, and clicking "Agree to the terms and register".

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If you are already a member,"Login"and"My page"You can change your subscription by checking the box next to ``I would like to receive e-mail newsletters'' under ``Change Registration Information'' and clicking ``Update.''


You can change your request for distribution by checking the checkbox next to ``I would like to receive an e-mail magazine'' on the purchase procedure screen and clicking ``Confirm order.''

How to unsubscribe

After login"My page"You can cancel the subscription by unchecking the checkbox next to ``I want to receive e-mail newsletters'' under ``Change registration information'' and clicking ``Update.''

For customers who do not receive the e-mail newsletter

"My page"If the e-mail newsletter is not delivered even though "I want to receive the e-mail newsletter" is checked, the following may be the case.

1: It's in the trash or spam folder.

If you use a spam filter, our email newsletters may be sorted into your "spam" folder. Please review your address registration and filter settings so that you can receive the email magazine delivery address "".

2: The spoof email rejection function is working

"Spoofed email rejection function" is a function that rejects emails with spoofed sender addresses. Even if the email is necessary for the customer, if it is determined that there is a suspicion of spoofing, the email will be rejected and will not be received. The setting method differs depending on the email software, so please contact your service provider.

3: A reception error has occurred and distribution has been stopped.

Our email magazine has a system that will stop further distribution if an error occurs on the customer's receiving side. If neither 1 or 2 above apply, the distribution may have been suspended.
If you wish to resume distribution, please make sure that you are able to receive it.inquiryPlease contact us at.