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Resin Plus Resin Colorant Yellow

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商品番号 41716
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入数 One (10g)
価格(税込) ¥308
It is a normal color with beautiful color development.

A coloring agent exclusively for UV resin and UV-LED resin. It is a bottle type that allows you to dispense one drop at a time. Since it is a liquid, it mixes well with the resin and produces a beautiful color finish. By changing the amount, you can color it to your desired density or mix different colors together. When using with UV resin, adding too much colorant at once will block light transmission and make it difficult for the UV resin to harden, so if you want a darker color, you can cure it in several layers to make it harden better.
Ingredients: Special acrylate resin, pigment

UV resin: Place the required amount of UV resin and 1 to 2 drops of colorant in a container such as a triangular tray, mix evenly with a toothpick, etc., and pour into the mold.

Evolve your resin craft even more and have more freedom
Resin crafts have continued to evolve in various ways, but we want them to use resin more and more!If something is added to resin, if resin is combined with something, there will be more and more new discoveries! ...The new brand born from this idea is "Resin+ (plus)."
In pursuit of these goals, we paid particular attention to both quality and price with the Resin+ series of LED resins.
New quality and price expand the possibilities of resin crafts and further evolve them.