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UV-LED coating resin star drop matte

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商品番号 42344
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入数 1 piece (10g)
価格(税込) ¥660
A coating resin solution that creates a frosted glass-like matte surface on the surface of motifs made with UV resin. Comes with a flocky tip that makes it easy to paint even the smallest details.

Just apply a thin layer to a motif made from UV resin to create a frosted glass-like matte feel. Since it is a smooth resin liquid with low viscosity, you can apply a thin coating using the included flocky chip. Even with dipping painting (dipping), it has a beautiful finish. Because it hardens quickly, it does not become sticky after hardening and does not yellow easily over time. The hard finish makes the motif scratch resistant. After coating it thinly, cure it with UV light etc. before use. The included flocking tip prevents air bubbles and brush marks, allowing you to paint even the finest details.

UV-LED light (6W to 10W)…30 seconds to 2 minutes
UV light (36W)…2 to 4 minutes
Sunlight (sunny weather)…30 seconds to 2 minutes
Sunlight (when cloudy)…3 to 10 minutes
*Curing time will vary depending on the work environment.

*Please be careful as the temperature will be high due to the heat of reaction during curing.
*When working, please be careful not to let UV resin adhere to your skin, clothing, furniture, etc.
*This is a coating liquid exclusively for thin coating. It cannot be used to create thick pieces.
*Resin-specific discoloration may occur due to aging.

素材: アクリル系光硬化樹脂