What was good to buy at Takawa Seisakusho 2023

Announced the items that everyone selected at the online store X account and the items that were good to buy at the Kiwa Seisakusho 2023!
This year, we released a variety of stone seats and shared fittings! We received many voices saying "I'm glad I bought it" for basic metal fittings and standard products, including earrings and earrings.
We will do our best to deliver products that you can think of "I'm glad you bought it" next year.
The voice of everyone in X is "I'm glad I bought it"HereCheck out!

What was good for the customer to buy

It was good to buy the staff

Staff's work
Staff's work

It was good to buy the Asakusabashi head office staff

Mantel Oval
A stylish design like a ready -made accessories, and it is hard to come off! It was easy to use along with the design chain, so I made three bracelets!

Design retail bracket hook No.1/No.4
I repeated many times because I wanted a metal fittings that could not lose to a thick chain! It is one of the products recommended for customers who are not good at Maru Kan.

Kiwa crystals Crystal Flamine Guilation Night
With a new color, I was very attracted when I came in as a new color. I fasten it to the stone seat and adhere to the resin ring stand, but I often ask customers about color names. Because it is the color of THE pink, it is recommended for those who like pink.

Chain parts 220SDC4 with round can
When you want "shaking" for earrings, you can shake your favorite parts, not too short or too long. Since there is no need to buy a 1m chain and make it from scratch, the hurdle of the swaying earrings has dropped and I was able to make it fun!

Tear Drop Beads Layer Original
The form and color of the nuts are new productsJoint Parts Leaf No.2 2 CanExcellent compatibility with! It was also popular by the staff♪

Acrylic Germany Rectangle 4 Lime Green
The size is large, the color is bright and beautiful! Combined white pearl and red beads to make melon sodium motif earrings!

Ganmetal for Vatican Devil Heart #4884 8.8 x 8mm
I like the unprecedented design and gun meta color! !

Chain K-401
It looks like a barbed wire and is cute! !

It was good to buy the head office staff

Ishiza Charm # 1088 SS19/24/29
You can make a three -person color item! ! I made it as a set accessories on the Ishiza charm and the ring stand. It was perfect for the recommended activity and I went to the collaboration cafe at once ◎

Acrylic Germany Bubble Stick 2 Can Crystal
Transparent, light and favorite. The upper cans are pierced fittings, and the lower cans are round.Czech Shizuku Horizontal hole 5 × 7mmWas connected.

Acrylic Germany's Suzumaru Crystal
The size development has increased, and we can create voluminous accessories.Metallic SuzumaruIt is recommended because the combination with is cool.

Acrylic Germany octagon Hole Chic Navy
BezelI made an earring! Because it is acrylic, it is light and easy to use. All colors are cute, but I like the metallic MIX colors such as chic navy and wave blue, which are different from Takawa Crystal!

Kiwa crystals Crystal Orange Eignight
Kiwa crystals2023-24AW color "Crystal Orange Ignite" Orange that works even with a small grain will make the accessories fashionable.

Earrings titanium hoop No.2 16mm
The simplest but cute accessories that are simple but cute are recommended for those who want to make a handmade for the first time.

For ear cuff with stone seat # 1088 for SS29
An ear cuff that can be set up by Takawa Crystal, which was good to buy from many staff members. In addition to # 1088, you can also set the pearl of Kiwa Crystal. Fresh black plating is also popular.

Ear cuff deformation
The ear cuff is purchased every time a new design arrives. Abundant design! reasonable! It is popular regardless of generation.

Charm ballerina
The charm is exciting because a new design is updated every season. The three -dimensional design with a movement that seems to be dancing is attractive. GlowZirconia charmThe combination with is the best.

Kiwa crystals Crystal Electric Racker Prro Ignite Effect
Online staff popular No.1 color! A neon color accessories that is perfect when you want to enjoy extraordinary life. Make a bead ring together with Aquamarine Simmer, a flashy color matching. Finish into exciting accessories.

Kiwa crystals # 5810 Iradsant LT. Turquoise/Iradesant Dark Tarcoys
Pearl of Tarkoise color of Takawa Crystal. I like the exotic and bright colors. I enjoyed arranging various accessories such as bead stitches and wire work.

Jewelry cleaner
It is a recommended dish every year. Looking at the shiny accessories every time I use it, I feel really good. When I cleaned my mother's accessories, I was surprised at how shiny and very happy!

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