Large bags of popular parts

In response to the voices of "I want to make a lot to sell handmade works!" And "I want to buy a lot because I use a lot!" Provided at a price that is more advantageous than Kobukuro! Please use it to make your work.

Last update

  • 2024.1.24

    Added Presio Pearl MAXIMA large bagClick here for additional products>

  • 2024.1.10

    Added medium bags such as Czech glass, metallic parts, charms, metal fittings, etc.

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  • 2023.8.23

    Added medium bags such as metal fittings, resin pearls, and metal partsClick here for additional products>

  • * The handling of large bags varies depending on the product.

    Popular products of large bags

    Takawa Crystal Related

    Cotton pearl / resin pearl

    * Cotton pearls have different settings and discount rates from other products. Please check the number and price on the product page.


    Metal fittings


    Metallic part



    Takawa Crystal Obukuro (Gloss sales)

    Large bags (gloss sales) can be purchased at the online store! Click the part number to display the handling color size.
    If you would like a large bag (gloss sales) that is not listed, please contact the contact information at the bottom of the page.

    [About the product taken]
    In order to respond to a wide range of requests, we are expanding the lineup sequentially as some large bags (gloss sales) as "products taken". Detailed explanations such as delivery date and contact regarding "items taken" are ""User Guide"Please refer to the.
    If you would like to purchase products that are not yet posted on the site, please do "Inquiry formPlease contact us from.

    * Products of large bags (gloss sales) are inspected by manufacturers, and are basically sold under the judgment of good products.
    However, if more than 3 % of the product is recognized as defective, it will be replaced.

    List of large bags (gloss sales)

    Those who want to buy more products and large quantities