Recommended ear metal fittings for those who have metal allergies!

We collected ear brackets made of materials that are hard to produce metal allergies, such as stainless steel, resin, ceramic and titanium.
Please choose the handmade accessories and metal fittings that suit you!


It is a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies with excellent corrosion resistance such as lightweight and difficult to rust.
If the round plate or stone seat part is plated, Pierced sheet Please use it together.

Titanium post type

Titanium hook hoop type


Light and flexible resin material. Even if you have metal allergies, you can use it with confidence.

Resin earring

Resin earrings


It is a material that is resistant to rust with iron and chromium alloys and is less likely to cause metal allergies *.
If the round plate or stone seat part is plated,Pierced sheet Please use it together.

Stainless steel post hook hoop type

Of the above, only "stainless steel pierced wire hoops 21.5mm / about 40mm" is used for SUS316L (surgical stainless steel).

SUS316L (Surgical stainless steel)

SUS316L (Surgical stainless steel) is used as a medical tool. It is difficult to cause allergies because it is durable and hard to corrode.

Of the above, "stainless steel piercing wire hoop about 20mm, about 25mm, about 30mm" is not SUS316L (surgical stainless steel).


It is also used for medical use and is hygienic because it is hard and hard to scratch. You can use it with confidence for people with metal allergies.

    Other recommended parts

    Click here for the pears sheet that covers the plating part of the titanium piercing and the pierced piercing made of resin and titanium.

    *… Stainless steel and titanium materials may cause allergies depending on individual differences. If it does not fit your skin, do not use it immediately.