Ochievement accessories that color the day of Halle

Spring is a season when there are many celebrations such as graduation from children and ceremony.
There is only one accessory that can be used on the day of Halle, and the color is added to the coordinates.
An important day for children and family is special for me.
Why don't you celebrate that day with a gorgeousness that gently snuggles on such a day?

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Freshwater pearl

The glossy and fresh freshwater pearl with a glossy and glossy quality is ◎ Compared to this pearls such as Akoya Pearl, it is reasonable, but it can be used for a lifetime, "luxurious" and "household -friendly". can.

Kiwa crystals Pearl

You can enjoy elegant pearl accessories with a spherical form without distortion and the sparkle on the surface. Since pearl processing is applied to crystal glass round balls, the feature is that it is more resistant to deterioration than the pearl. Because it is resistant to sweat and cosmetics, it is perfect for many years of accessories.

Presio Pearl MAXIMA

It is a crystal glass pearl with an elegant texture like a real pearl. The texture of carefully coating the surface of the crystal glass is characterized by a soft and gentle shine. It has a moderate weight and enhances the elegant outfit. It is also attractive that the size development is abundant.

Kiwa crystals

We provide a fulfilling assortment and stable high quality crystal glass to everyone who enjoys handmade. Crystal glass with a very precise cut adds a high quality and gorgeous appearance to the hare day, such as a brooch. It is a perfect material for handmade accessories, such as jewelry, and reaches a handmade accessories.

What are the benefits of handmade access?
  • You can make it at a reasonable price using "good materials"!
  • You can make it just the right accessory with the length, size and color that suits you!
  • By incorporating handmade in the important scenes of the family, it becomes an "more thoughtful item".
  • The accessories introduced this time are "use that can be used" for both materials and designs. Since we made it with good quality, it will be accessories that can be enjoyed for many years.
  • Not only Halle's Day! You can create "reliable" accessories that can be used for daily if handmade♪

Good accessories on Halle Day

The warmth of handmade and the quality of the material. Get an important day with special items.

◼️The freshwater pearl. For special accessories

Ring material:Ring stand with Odawan 6mm 8-14mm Approximately 10 for one holeFreshwater pearl baroque hole White

With freshwater pearl, it is a high -quality accessory with only two combinations of necklace and ear accessories.

The necklace uses a lot of good pearls, so it costs a little, but if you think it will be used in the future, ◎
Compared to the pearls, the price can be reduced.
Pearl necklace is one item you want to have.

Freshwater pearl occasion necklace

Reference price 11,600 yen

\ The ear access is a choice from these three types! / /

It is definitely recommended to have one necklace, and have multiple ear accessories that can be made at a reasonable price.

For example, just changing the ear accessories at the graduation ceremony and the entrance ceremony can change the atmosphere.
This recipe offers three types of designs.
It is just a good price to handmade with less than 2,000 yen.

3 kinds of freshwater pearl octage ear accessories

Average price 1,450 yen

An elegant finish unique to freshwater pearls while keeping costs down.
Click here if you want to use a gorgeous seat like a thank -you party.

The crabs glass cut adds a cool sparkle to the texture of the elegant freshwater pearl.

Three types of accessories of freshwater pearls and clay bead glass cuts

Average price 2,850 yen

A simple short necklace that colors around the collarbone is what you want as one of the basic.
The necklace made of beautiful spherical pearls of Takawa Crystal and Presiosa is
Even from a distance, it shines disciplined and beautifully.
Finished with a 8mm ball crystal pearl so that it has a good presence.

And the brooch that makes the left chest gorgeous is essential for the occasion scene.
Cosage and brooch are put in your favorite box or jewelry box
Even if you have a celebration, you can make the fun to use.

Short necklace & earrings

Reference price 2,650 yen

Crystal Pearl Pionic Flower Broo

Reference price 4,600 yen

This long necklace was finished with a 6mm ball crystal pearl in consideration of the volume.
If you wear it in two consecutive and increase the gorgeousness, or if you are conscious of the vertical line in one consecutive, it will also shine on the taller or pants outfit.

Long necklace & earrings

Reference price 3,400 yen

◼ Colorful bijoue brooch, colored the occasion style

The recommended color of the occasion coordinates is the brooch of the Kiwa Crystal.
Because it can be made relatively easily, it is perfect for those who are looking for a handmade accessories with a time -saving time.

If you make it your favorite color, you will be in your own way ◎
If it is for the child's graduation ceremony, it will be a memory even if you use your child's favorite color.
It is an arrangement because it is handmade.


Two types of metal ring brooches

Reference price 2,850 yen


I don't have enough time to make! But I don't want to compromise!
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Freshwater Pearl Long Necklace White

It is a long necklace using a large and moderate voluminous freshwater pearl.
The ear accessories and brooches are handmade, and the necklaces are wisely used, such as finished.

When the ceremony is over ... Use wisely for daily!

Propose ideas for accessories that can be used not only for important days but also for daily fashion!
Just add another item to the occasion accessories, and quickly change from the occasion to trend access ◎

It is recommended to wear accessories wisely as if you wear clothes♪
OK if you add it to the Short & Long Necklace of Kiwa Crystal, which is already introduced!

With one idea of ​​attaching a charm, "I feel like" and "Trend Accorde" are finished at once ◎

The short necklace brings Mantel to the front and makes the design point.
Furthermore, lowering the charm to the mantel will increase the casual gorgeousness.

Long necklaces seem to be changing just by using one or two consecutive consecutive.
The charm can be attached to the place you like, so
You can enjoy it depending on your mood and coordinates, such as adding a lot and using points.

Use the brooch items made for occasions as pony hooks for daily ◎
Just insert the new pony hook converter into the pin. The width of the style also expands.

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Introducing recommended pearls for both quality and size.


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If you are Kiwa Crystal, the sparkle of pearls is also ◎

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Kiwa Crystal and two minutes of popularity with a high -quality texture! There are plenty of standard colors and sizes.

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