This year's Christmas at Kiwa Seisakusho is the theme of ballet "Nutcracker"!
With motif charms that can be enjoyed by adults such as the walnut dolls and snow spirit
Let's enjoy making a narrative Christmas accessories♪




Happy Holiday

Enjoy accessories with the story♪


KR0874 Charm Christmas and Crystal Pearl bag charm

A bag charm full of Christmas mood, such as gifts and troops that appear in the story of the dolls.


KR0872 Charm Nutcracker and Star Neck & Earrings

A chic adult color set accessory featuring the charm of the walnut dolls that are very active in the play.


KR0873 Charm Poinsettia and Takawa Crystal Ring Broach

Poinsettia and Christmas -colored bijoux are full of atmosphere.

Recommended parts

Here are some recommended parts that make you feel like Christmas.

White Winter

A feminine access to the protagonist with white collar



11.8up! Recipe

KR0876 Ballerina and Petit Bijou Neck & Earrings

It's like the protagonist Clara is enjoying the snow
Fantastic set accessories.


11.8up! Recipe

KR0877 White Christmas 2 types

Poinsettia, tree, present
A crunchy brooch reminiscent of White Christmas.

KR0875 Neck & earrings on ballerina and bijou ribbon

It is an elegant set accessories with snow spirit dancing.

Recommended parts

We have prepared some recommended parts that seem to be able to express the fleeting world of snowy snow.