"Order accessories" created by the staff of Takawa Seisakusho


I want a highly complete accessory created by a skilled staff by the designer of the Takawa Seisakusho!
Based on the voice, we started selling very popular finished orders at the online store.


Even if it is a special accessory for yourself ...


Even as a hearty gift ...


[Completed] Order accessories
Each one, the staff who knows the parts of the Takawa Seisakusho will carefully produce and deliver.

How to Order


The products on this page will be produced after receiving an order.
Regarding order sales of finished productsClick here for detailsPlease also see.


-Kiwa Crystals -

A jewelry -like accessory accelerie, which allows you to enjoy the sparkle of Kiwa Crystal, is delivered with a finished product.
Simple bijoux accessories are active in various scenes!
Perfect for rewards for yourself and gifts for loved ones.



A popular sun catcher in Scandinavian interiors.
The elegant items that collect light and sparkle are popular as a lucky item to pay evil.
For lucky items that will lead to good luck if you decorate them in the new year!
The mini -sun catcher can be worn on a bag, etc. ◎ Feel free to enjoy the sparkle!


The sun catcher will be delivered in the box.


-Lucky color
Choose a suncatcher while watching the power of the color and acquire the luck you want!

Wrapping goods


For a warm gift with a little wrapping!

The order accessories have a mount, so just put the ribbon or put it in a drawstring bag ◎
Put the earrings in the gift box M as the mount, etc.
Remove the necklace from the mount and put it in the accessory BOX N ...

Please finish it with your favorite wrapping method to your own wonderful gift.


Click here for recommended ribbon


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