A sparkle with a play color effect like an opal and a depth.
Popular "Kyoto Opal" products are revived and kit appeared!


Also for New Year's outfit ◎ Kit of Japanese accessories that add flower to Japanese dress
Popular products such as "Flake", a powdery "flake" with resin accessories gorgeously finished, are available.
Enjoy making elegant accessories unique to Kyoto Opal♪


What is Kyoto Opal ...

An artificial opal with the same sparkle as a natural opal by the combination of opal structure and resin.
It is a gorgeous gem that has been dyed in elegant traditional colors by resin, as well as enjoying the beautiful play color effects and surface patterns peculiar to the longing opal. By all means, please try to make a special jewelry.


Kit Kyoto Opal 2 kinds of Japanese accessories (KR0921)

A kit that can make two kinds of beautiful sparkling haori strings and obi fastening of Kyoto Opal.
Try to finish your first visit to Hatsumode and New Year in a Japanese dress♪
If there is one elaborate Japanese accessory, the kimono will add luster ◎



Ideal for resin making! A flakes that can make items like opal will be reappeared.
Marutama answers your voice, and the Jinzo Beni (Jinzamomi), Rainbow (Niji), Mori Waka (Kakitsubata), Tsubaki crystal type.
It was resurrected. Choose from a rich lineup.

Arrange & IDEAS

Feel free to make accessories at Kyoto Opal while watching the arrangement ideas!

-A arrangement using flakes

When the flakes and resin solution are solidified on the meal plate, the mood is like an antique jewelry.
Finish it as a Y -shaped necklace or bag charm.
material:Your favorite meal dishUV-LED resin moon drop, Favorite Kyoto Opal flakes

In the same way, even if it is solidified on the design frame, it will be a pendant if you connect it to a chain necklace.
material:Domestic cast parts design frame ovalorDomestic cast parts design frame bucketUV-LED resin moon dropKomaru Vatican SmallYour favorite chain necklace, Favorite Kyoto Opal flakes

-Arrangements using round balls

You can do it in an instant! Just pass a round ball through the American piercing.
material:Rosium color with American piercing beads about 80mm, Your favorite Kyoto Opal round ball

If you connect the Kyoto Opal with a 9 -pin round to the chain bracelet, you can prefer the number.
material:Rhodium color with chain breath snake stopper9 -pin logum color 0.6 x 15mm or 0.6 x 20mm, Your favorite Kyoto Opal round ball


-Recommended design frame


-Coned UV resin liquid & light

-Recommended chain bracelet