Crystal Simmer/LT. Coloradotopers Volcano

Crystal Shimer and LT. Coloradotopaz Volcano appear

Crystal simmer#1088, which was released online store in 2023, was very popular, so the large size#4120,#4320 (14 x 10mm), and#4470 (10mm) appeared!
In addition, LT. Coloradotopaz Volcano, which is full of charm, is available online store and some stores.

New Item

Crystal Shimer/F

Crystal simmer with a transparent feeling like sparkling after the rain.
SHIMMER is an effect that means "glitter", and a more transparent aurora processing is applied to the surface of the stone.

Crystal shimmer

The large size not only enjoys plenty of loud rainbow colors of the crystal shimmer, but also has a thick knit and fluffy knit like mohair, so you can enjoy sparkling piercings and earrings without hiding in the muffler.

Crystal Shimer and AB

If you arrange the same rainbow -colored shimmer (left) and AB (right), you can see completely different impressions and different charms.
Compared to AB, the simmer is more soft, and it is a popular effect in recent years, familiar with other colors and effects.

Simmer Reference_G

The large size has a presence, so even a simple accessory is enough perfection.

Simmer Reference_Press

When the rainbow -colored effect is matched to dark clothes, it makes you feel the clear air of the dignified cold season, but if you brighten the color of the clothes, the soft color will be pulled out and it will give you a spring -like impression.

Simmer Reference _RC

There is no foil processing on the rhodium color metal fittings and the backCrystal IgnightIf you combine it, it will be a pure and clean image.

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LT. Coloradoto Purcano (online store, some stores only)

LT. Coloradoto Purcano

LT. Colorado Paz Volcano has a seemingly dark color impression, but a variety of colors appear every time you change the angle, and you can feel the image like a sticky image.
It looks a little difficult, but it is surprisingly easy to match when you actually match it, especially with colored clothes that look like an effect such as green and yellow.
I thought it wouldn't fit ... and when I looked at the green knit that I happened to wear, it gave a very good compatibility!

LT. Coloradotopaz + Crystal Volcano

VOLCANO (Volcano) means "volcano" and is a passionate, strong and vivid color effect such as pink, orange, and green. Bright brownLT. Coloradoto ParsbutVolcanoBy putting onSmoke amberIt is the impression that the rainbow color was added to.

LT. Coloradoto Purcano Reference

When combined with Kinakomi's bracket, it looks like a European antique accessories.

LT. Colorado Paz Volcano_

Because it is a color that is easy to match like a monotone color accessories, it is recommended when you think that it is boring to match the standard accessories with simple coordination.

LT. Colorado Purcano_RC

When combined with a rhodium -colored bracket, it has a trend and a mode finish.

Please enjoy winter fashion by adding a little tired winter coordination as a spice.
* LT. Colorado Paz Volcano is only available at the online store, Crystal Hall and Links Umeda store.

LT. Coloradoto Purcano

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Kiwa Crystal is a new brand that offers a fulfilling assortment and stable high quality crystal glass to everyone who enjoys handmade. Very precise cut crystal glass is produced by a proven track record in a wide range of fields such as fashion, jewelry, and interior. Twice a year in spring and autumn, in addition to the new colors and new announcements in line with the trends of the season, we will announce limited quantities with special processing. We are also working on the development of surrounding items that further enhance the brightness and charm of crystals, including Ishiza.

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