Enjoy the melting season♪ KIWA'S CHOCOLATE SALON Open

Enjoy the melting season♪ KIWA'S CHOCOLATE SALON Open!

Valentine that is exciting in the cold season♪Nowadays, there are many ways to enjoy it like a friend chocolate or a chocolate.
From Takuwa Seisakusho, we introduce chocolate motif accessories, chocolate -colored metal fittings, and Kiwa Crystal made with UV Resin.♪
Make a cute accessory that does not melt and enjoy the season mood!


Chocolate Plating

Takawa Seisakusho's original chocolate color plating is perfect for the Valentine's Day season!


[Chocolate] A dark brown color like chocolate coated. For those who want to enjoy "THE Chocolate Color" ◎

[Chocolate/G] Gold plating color with chocolate color. For those who want to change their usual gold

Compare plating colors!

If you line up with Kimmi and Gold, you can see the difference in impression ◎

Chocolate color chain

Chocolate color

Kiwa crystals Smoke amber

If you select a smoked amber with a deep color, it will be an accessory with a mature impression. When the red color is combined with the color, the Valentine mood is completed at once!

Kiwa crystals Smoke amber