I want to enjoy Valentine & White Day! Heart motif accessories

Because it is Valentine & White Day
Enjoy the coordinates with heart accessories!


The season has arrived where you can fully enjoy your favorite "heart motif"♩
Introducing recommended heart motifs and accessories for each type x material! Let's increase the season mood with your favorite design.

Retro pop x Czech & German parts

Enjoy your heart accessories in pop with retro color and design♩
Cute with a combination with bijoux and the layer of heart ◎


left:Czech Heart In Heart Blue Opal NeblastterAcrylic Germany Plain Heart White ABCharm Girls Heart Black/G about 9mm9 -pin gold 0.6 x 30mmGold 3mm with pierced titanium kanEarring titanium catch fabric

Central:Czech Heart In Heart Silk Rose AB MatSilky Pearl Pure White about 8mm9 pin logum color 0.6 x 30mmT -pin logium color 0.6 x 20mmEarrings brass U -shaped rhodium color

right:Kiwa crystals # 1088 LT. Rose/F SS29Czech Heart Flower White Opal/PinkRen claws # 1088 Gold with can SS29T pin gold 0.6 x 30mmTitanpier round plate gold 6mmEarring titanium catch fabricExcel Epo


left:Acrylic Germany Plain Heart White ABCharm Girls Heart Black/G about 9mm9 -pin gold 0.6 x 20mmPost pierced stone stick 1 Can Crystal/G

Central:Kiwa crystals # 1088 LT. Sapphire/F SS39Acrylic Germany Plain Heart Orange PearlT pin gold 0.6 x 30mmEarring screws with Ishiza #1088 Gold SS39Multipurpose craft bond NEO

right:Acrylic Germany Plain Heart Clear Blue ABCopper ball rosium color 5mmCharm Metal Ball Rosium Color 6mm9 -pin logium color 0.6 x 20mmT -pin logium color 0.6 x 20mmStainless steel piercing fabric (SUS316L)Excel Epo

Handsome x Metal & Cubic Zirconia

A texture that balances coolness and femininity.

Cubic zirconia is a jewelry -like and a heart accessories that can be easily adopted by adults.
Metal parts are accessories that work with sweet design.


left:Metal bead heart horizontal hole goldCharm Cubic Zilconia Plum Lump Heart GoldKo Maru C Khangold 1.0 × 3 × 4mmChain Necklace 230SF (with adjuster) GoldChain Necklace BOX1.0DC (with adjuster) Gold

Upper right:Charm Cubic Zirconia Edge Heart GoldMaru Kang Gold 0.6 x 3mmGold with design earrings

Lower right:Charm Cubic Zirconia Frame Heart GoldAmerican Earrings Wave No.2 Gold


CCB Parts Heart Vertical Hole Rhodium ColorT -pin logium color 0.6 x 30mmKatsurakan no rhodium color inner diameter 2.3mmArtificial leather suede tape No.700 (black) 2mm (used in 144cm in arrangement)Multipurpose craft bond NEO

Lux x Kiwa Crystal

If you are a sparkling bijoux of Kiwa Crystal
Although it is elegant, it attracts the charm of the heart to feminine.


A:Kiwa crystals #1088 SS39 (Color: Crystal/F, Smoke Amber/F)Kiwa crystals #6228 10.3 x 10mm (used color: crystal, smoke amber)Pearl roll Ishiza 1 Can #1088 SS39Maru Kan 0.7 x 5mmTitanpier round plate 10mmLarge rubber for piercingsExcel Epo

B:Kiwa crystals #4884 8.8 × 8mm (used color: lt. Siam/F, Montana/F)Charm Girls Ribbon Red about 10mmorCharm Girls Ribbon Black about 10mmFor Mini Fan Seastone Ishiza Heart ( # 4884) 1 can 8.8 x 8mmMaru Kan 0.6 x 3mmPiercing round plate 3mmExcel Epo

C:Kiwa crystals #4884 5.5 × 5mm (Color: Crystal/F, LT. Rose/F)Joint wire curved stone crystal/G 0.4 × 20mmorJoint wire curve with pearl White/RC 0.4 × 20mmFor Mini Fan Seastone Ishiza Heart ( # 4884) 1 Can 5.5 x 5mmMaru Kan 0.5 x 2.3mm (Western white)With piercing canExcel Epo

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Valentine & White Deepard will also be checked for two special features!

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