Crystal glass Presio Pearl MAXIMA3 color, finished with an elegant texture like a real pearl!

Presiosa Pearl MAXIMA is carefully coated the surface of the crystal glass and is finished like a real pearl. It features a soft texture and gentle shine, and has a luxurious charm different from the Press Czech pearl. It has a moderate weight, enhances the elegant outfit just by making it a necklace as it is, and the size development is abundant, so it can be widely used for braiding.
The lineup is 4.6, 8, 10, 12mm for white and cream in both holes, and 4.6, 8, 10mm for LT. Cream roses. Both holes are also available in small bags and large bag packs.
One hole depends on the color, but it is 6-12mm.

I compared it with Kiwa Crystal Pearl

color is? What is the size? I compared the points of the two major crystal pearls!

Color difference

LT. cream rose and cream feel more colorful for Presio Sa Pearl Maxima. The lt. cream rose is slightly yellowish, and the cream feels a little darker.

Surface texture

The pearls of Kiwa Crystal are strong and glossy, and Presio Sepal MAXIMA has a slightly matte and soft impression when viewed nearby.

Around the hole

There are few burrs around the hole, and it is easy for thin tegus and wires to pass through.


The size of the ball is the same, but the hole is large, and if you pass through the tegus or wire, it will be a slightly clogged finish.

There is a virtuous large bag!

Both hole type 4mm to 12mm (LT. Cream rose is up to 10mm) is available. The large bag is easy to use for 200 tablets for 6mm and 100 for 8mm.