Let's make a pair of access!

"It's fun to make together!" A couple with friends. Let's make a pair of access!

At the store of Takawa Works, the number of couples and friends who enjoy pair access is increasing rapidly! Make your own original items, such as chain bracelets and colorful cord bracelets with initial parts!

Pair access

The chain bracelet is very popular with couples now! The simplicity that I want to use every day is ◎

Photo left: K-382 17cm used (material cost: about 600 yen)
Photo right: K-386 20cm use (material cost: about 800 yen)
Find your favorite size with 16-17cm for women and about 18 to 20cm for men.

Pair access details

After cutting your favorite chain with end nippers or eating, connect the fasten fittings with a round kan and you're done!

* All silver plating
・ Round can 1.2 × 7mm
・ Mantel Plain Ring Approximately 15mm/Bar about 26mm
・ Chain K-382 (fine) ・ K-386 (Thick)

Recommended chain

Recommended metal fittings

The bracelet in the photo uses a round one of 1.2 x 7mm, about 15mm/bar about 26mm.

Recommended tools

[Cut tool

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For dating and outing ◎ Pair access to Takawa Seisakusho's "Tool Rental Store"!

At Takuwa Manufacturing, there is a “tool rental store” where you can create accessories on the spot. If you choose your favorite chain at the store, more and more people are handmade together in the attached production space!

【Tokyo】 [Kanagawa

Pair breath_ metal

If you want to finish it like an adult, it is recommended to make it in a metal color! A delicate chain breath is also ◎

Pair breath_ metal

If you remove the C can next to the metal curve with a flat yatco, you can pass the metal parts initials.

Metal Parts Initial & Number