Use your brooch to make it wise and fashionable

Now, brooch is popular at Takashi Works!
Let's use a wide range of daily use as a ceremony for a ceremony


In the spring, there are events such as graduation schools and parties, and many people are looking for brooches.
Broches of various designs, such as brooches that can be easily made at Takawa Seisakusho, are very popular!
Both those who are not used to wearing and those who are always used will introduce tips for being smart and fashionable with a versatile "brooch".

If you get lost, this! Takawa Crystal's brooch

The most popular now is a brooch using "Takawa Crystal", which has a beautiful bijoux sparkling.
The brooch using the "brooch empty frame" is easy because you only need to glue your favorite color bijoux!( * Recommended recipe 1)

In addition, we recommend a type that can be made simply by bonding the Kiwa Crystal on the Circle -shaped brooch stand.
Even if you arrange bijoux into your favorite color based on the recipe ◎( * Recommended recipe 2)

Cradeco Tegus knitting is also popular

Clay made with clay -type adhesives is also popular.
Paste a clay on a brooch fittings with a clay base, spread a bijoux for a luxurious brooch!( * Recommended recipes 3)

The tegus knitting brooch can create a gorgeous brooch using charms and beads.
If you make it while looking at the recipe, it is popular because it is easy to make even the first tegus knitting.( * Recommended recipe 4)

Other charmsCabotopinThere are plenty of designs such as the type and embroidery type connected to.
Please choose your favorite design according to the application.

tell me! Ideas for utilization of brooches

If you have a bijoux design or a flower design brooch, it will be gorgeous and a sense of properly, so it will be useful in case of emergency.

But I don't usually use it ... good news for those who don't know how to use it!
Pony hook converter"or"Brooch converterDid you know that there is a product called?
It can be used not only as a brooch but also as a hair accessories and pendant top, so that the range of use is expanded.

[Pony hook converter use example]2 kinds of metal ring brooch of Kiwa Crystal

[Broo converter horizontal pin use example]

Even if you use it purely as a brooch, the atmosphere will change just by wearing it on a stall or coat in winter.
Even in the same brooch, if you wear a blouse or a thin stall scarf in spring and autumn, the gorgeousness will be improved.

If you attach it to a simple tote bag with a solid fabric, or wear it on a hat, it will be a design point.
It is also a popular point that the atmosphere can be changed just by adding a brooch even with the same clothes.

Please use a brooch this year to expand your fashionable range.

Recommended brooch recipe

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