Halloween parts large set

Halloween season will be fun♪
\ Halloween parts large set! / /


Parts that you can fully enjoy Halloween, such as pumpkin, ghost, Devilcat and Halloween hat, gather!
In 2023, charms with a three -dimensional design and Devil Motifs will appear!
You can enjoy making Halloween accessories unique to Takawa Seisakusho♪




A lot of elaborate charms that are unique to Kiwa Seisakusho, which are rich in Halloween parts♪
Kowa face Halloween cotton, Devil cat, spider with pearls, etc. ...
Items that can enjoy Halloween access are available!



Recommended charm


There are still a lot of charms that make Halloween fun ◎ Connect to the ear metal fittings, etc., and enjoy Halloween casually!


Recommended resin frame


A Halloween motif appears in the resin frame that can be made freely! It is also recommended to make it with a clay ◎