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Woodpart: 6-side, 2-wood, 2-wood, [Outlet]

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商品番号 61715509
size About eight × 30mm
入数 One
価格(税込) ¥139 ¥198 –30%
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These are jujube-shaped wood beads with cuts on the surface.

The hole size is approximately 2-2.2mm. In order to bring out the natural color of the wood, it is coated with a transparent coating and a paint that resists discoloration and fading. It can be used by passing it through pins, wires, etc. If the hole is large, the pin may fall out, so please use it by passing other parts in between.
*Due to the manufacturing process, the position and size of the hole and the shape of the cut may vary depending on the item.
*If the fuzz around the holes is noticeable, smooth it out by punching or other means before use.
*As this is a natural material, the color, shape, and size may vary depending on the item and arrival time. Please note.


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  • Woodpart: 6-side, 2-wood, 2-wood, [Outlet]