Handling and plating of accessory parts and metal fittings

All parts and metal fittings

Please read the notes of handling and use it.
◆ Precautions during production

Accessory parts are delicate, so if you give a strong load or impact, such as pulling with an unreasonable force, it can cause damage. Also, please note that the act of bending, stretching, and opening and closing the parts can also cause strength and fatigue destruction.

◆ Precautions for use
  • Similarly, the finished accessories can cause damage, such as pulling with force.
    Please be careful when carrying and removing. We also recommend taking a bath, exercise, or when you go to bed.
  • Products that have been plated cannot be avoided due to their characteristics. Depending on the usage status, the deterioration may deteriorate depending on the usage situation, such as moisture such as sweat and rain, oil, sunscreen, and ultraviolet light for a long time. In addition, friction and wounds with skin, clothing, and other accessories can cause plating peeling.
  • Avoid water and soap as much as possible to promote oxidation. If you touch it, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth.
    Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding.
◆ About plating
  • Our plating products have several layers of fabric materials (brass, zinc alloys, stainless steel, etc.) to have adhesion, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and decorative properties. In addition, the processing and thickness of the plating are finely adjusted for each product based on conditions such as fabric materials and applications.
  • Gold plating is mainly K24 Honkin plating, K18 Honkin plating, and rhodium color plating is alloy plating that imitates this rhodium (used copper, tin, zinc, etc.). (Some exceptions) In addition, due to the rise in metal prices such as gold, there is a possibility that price fluctuations, especially for plated products using main money. Please understand.
  • Depending on the product, there is a plating layer that contains nickel. Nickel -free plating (plating that does not contain nickel) has a "nickel -free" icon on the product page.
◆ How to clean
  • After use, lightly wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth such as glasses to prevent discoloration. In addition, we recommend storing in a jewelry case or sealed bag so that it does not touch the air.
  • If you use a metal cloth using an abrasive for a plated product, it will not be recommended because the surface will be sharpened.
◆ Precautions when giving and selling works to third parties
  • The above, please provide the person who gives the "Precautions for Use" and the selling destination.
  • Before giving the work to a third party, we recommend that you check if there is no problem with the strength and wear of the work.

About silver handling

Please read the notes of handling and use it.
  • The product is made very delicate to maintain the beauty of the design. We do our best for the strength of the product, but it may be damaged if the strength and impact may be damaged, such as dropping, hitting, pulling with an unreasonable force, putting heavy objects, so it may be damaged. Please be careful.
  • If you have an allergic reaction after wearing or wearing it, stop using it immediately. Depending on the symptoms, we recommend consultation with a specialist.
  • Sweat or long -time flooding causes metal discoloration, damage and discoloration of beads. Remove when bathing, hand washing, cooking, washing, etc.
  • If chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. adhere, it may discolor. Please be careful when handling.
  • Avoid using intense exercise, during bedtime, childcare, or at extreme high -temperature and low -temperature places, as it may cause damage to products or unexpected injuries.
◆ About metals ...
  • Silver products have the characteristics of the components contained in the air, and the color that responds to sweat, cosmetics, and chemicals. After wearing, wipe off the dirt gently with a soft cloth or silver -only polish cloth.

* Accessories using natural materials may cause discoloration, so please avoid applying it directly to the silver -only cleaning solution.

◆ About parts ...
  • The set glass parts, natural parts, etc. may be performed after dyeing and special coating. Please note that sweat, water wetness, friction may cause discoloration and peeling of coating.
  • For those that use natural parts such as semi -precious stones and freshwater pearls, color, shape, and size may be slightly different. Please note. In addition, there are cracks (cracks) and incration (incorporation) unique to natural stone, but please understand that it is a unique texture of natural materials.
  • We recommend regular care after wearing to keep the accessories last and maintain the brilliance.
  • Please note that direct sunlight can cause discoloration and fading.