About the quality and safety of Kiwa Crystal

About Kiwa Crystal

Kiwa Crystal is a new brand that offers a fulfilling assortment and stable high quality crystal glass to everyone who enjoys handmade. Very precise cut crystal glass is produced by a proven track record in a wide range of fields such as fashion, jewelry, and interior. Twice a year in spring and autumn, in addition to the new colors and new announcements in line with the trends of the season, we will announce limited quantities with special processing. We are also working on the development of surrounding items that further enhance the brightness and charm of crystals, including Ishiza.

● Takawa Crystal is made of safe materials that are friendly to the environment and people.

Liability and sustainability for society are one of the more important values ​​for companies in the 21st century. The restrictions on the use of leads and cadmium, which are considered harmful to the human body and the environment, are increasing, and the trend of laws and regulations continues in the jewelry field following electronic and textile products. In the innovative technology "Advanced Crystal" that supports Takuwa Crystal, the beautiful light distribution and brightness unique to crystal glass, the leading countries of leads, such as leading leads by the current laws and regulations. Furthermore, we have cleared the higher standards. Please use it with confidence. * Kiwa Crystal has a red -free (lead -free) crystal glass with a lead content of 0.009% or less. It is produced by patent technology for "Advanced Crystal". The glow and quality of optical characteristics remain the same, and conforms to the strictest society and environmental standards in prohibited substances that are increasingly enhanced by laws and regulations.