Store Receiving Service

Takuwa Seisakusho store receipt service
Takuwa Seisakusho store receipt service

Kiwaseisakujo Products purchased at the online store
You can receive it at the store!


I want to find the parts I want when I like 24 hours! I want an online limited product! When there is no part you want in a nearby store ... ◎

It is a service that allows you to receive the store from one point of Kiwa Seisakusho from one point.
Now, a 10%OFF coupon that can be used at stores is also being issued! Please take this opportunity to take advantage of the store receipt.


* When receiving at the store, please present this coupon image to the staff.
You can print or screens a coupon image.


Receive in 4 steps!


Store receipt Q & A


About your order

Which products do you want to receive the store?

For any product, you can receive from one point to the store.Take advantage of it.

Is there a charge for shipping and fees?

For purchase by store receiving service, both shipping charges and fees are free.

How long until the product arrives at the store from your order?

5-10 days of business schedule from your order date.

Depending on the timing of your order or the time of the weekends and holidays, you may take more time than usual.

Once the product arrives at the designated store, an email will be sent to the customer. Please receive the product at the store within 14 days after the email arrives.
* You can check the status of the ordered product at My Page's "Order History".

What do you choose to do with the payment?

You can only use credit card payments in online stores.

Payment may not be made at the subtracted payment or the store.Please accept in advance.

You do not know the procedure for ordering in case of store receipt.
  1. The delivery method of the payment page is "over -the -counter receipt".
  2. Please select a store from "Receive location".

* The detailed on -run order procedure isHerePlease refer to the.

Can I cancel my order after I cancel my order?

On the system, you can cancel within an hour of order.If you are changing, please cancel and select the product you need again.

I'm afraid, but I have not received any cancellation after one hour after the order has been ordered.

You will not receive mail for your product arrival.

There is a possibility that the email address is incorrect or may have been distributed to the spam mail folder.

If it doesn't reach you, we will see the shipping status on my page, so please check it out there.

But if we can't solve it,Contact [Onlaineer]Please contact me.

Are you sure you want to share the product with which you want to deliver it and what you want to receive, and what you want to receive on your current cart?

You are very afraid, but you cannot select more than one shipping method in the same settlement.Please accept.

Would you like to buy a product with a store receiving service, but is your online store member-registration required?

Even though it is very scary, it is mandatory to register online store membership even if only store receiving service is used.

About Receiving in a Store

Which stores can I receive them?

It can be received at all Kiwa Seisakusho directly managed stores. In addition, it is not eligible for receiving stores.

* Regarding directly managed stores and products handling productsHerePlease refer to the.

Is there anything you need to take?

Please present the "[Store receipt] You can now receive the product" sent from us.

You can also check the "order history" in My Page.

How many days is the storage period in the store?

It's been 14 days since it reached the store.

If you do not receive any contact after the due date and you have not received it, you will cancel it.Receive early, please.

*If the goods were sent back after the expiration date, you may be allowed to refuse to use the goods at the store in the future.Please note that it may be possible to re-route the goods that were returned.

Can I specify and extend the receiving date?

I'm terrified, but I can't specify or extend the reception date.I don't know how many of you are.

If the receipt of the due date is difficult due to the circumstances, "Contact [Onlaineer]Please contact me.

Can I issue a receipt at the store?

For store-receiving products, you can issue an e-receipt from the online purchase of your online store.Don't take advantage of it.

Do you have a point at the store's membership card?Can I use a coupons for the store?

Store point cards or coupons are not available for use.

Points to the products in the Store Receiving Service that are purchased on the online store can be granted as points for the online store, which may be given as a point in the store.Please accept.

Can I get a service or coupons for a paid parking lot in a commercial facility?

If you use only the Store Acceptance Service, it will not be eligible for services such as a fee parking lot for commercial facilities.

When receiving a store, you purchased your purchase at the Kiwa Production Center, and the purchase price will be available in accordance with the amount of the purchase.(Note: The provisions are different depending on the commercial facilities available for use.)

I want you to do a return exchange because there was a problem with the merchandise that I received.

Please make sure that the products that you have delivered are not available for your order, and are either not damaged or damaged within a week.
When the store is mistaken (mispayment or corruption), it is accepted and returned to the store." 'Contact [Onlaineer]Please contact me.Please note that you will not be able to accept any replacement or return returns for your convenience.

*For details, the guide will be available.This way.for the following: