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Chain 135 s rhodium

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 40622
Size Wire diameter 0.35mm
入数 50 m (Lille)
価格(税込) ¥6,435
商品番号 41349601
Size Wire diameter 0.35mm
入数 1m
価格(税込) ¥176
Kihei chain with a width of approximately 1.2mm.

The material is red copper. Each frame is lined up horizontally. The pieces are thin and small, giving a delicate finish.
*The shape and size of the pieces may differ slightly depending on the lot.
*This product is sold by weight in 1m and 50m (reel). For 50m (reel), the price includes part-time labor. Also, there may be one joint in the middle that is connected with wire. Thank you for your understanding.


素材: 丹銅