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Design Vatican rhodium color

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 62153003
size No.5 (approx. 7×3mm)
入数 Two.
価格(税込) ¥165
商品番号 62153201
size No.6 (approx. 8 x 4mm)
入数 2 months
価格(税込) ¥198
Use to make a charm or large part on the pendant top.

The Vatican portion is approximately 5mm in diameter and 6mm in No. 6 is the batikan.Use it through a chain, etc.Since it is open and closed, you can connect directly to the motif.
* If the part of the Kan is open, please close it with yatco.Please note that repeated opening and closing of the Kan will cause damage to the system.

素材: 真鍮