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Flocky parts bear black

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商品番号 63028003
size Approximately 19 x 12mm
入数 2ヶ
価格(税込) ¥209
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Bear -shaped flocky parts with a cute warm texture.

The size of the hole is about 1.7mm. Because the surface is flocky, it has a fine brushed and smooth texture. Please connect the parts with pins and use them. If the hole is large, the pin may come off, so use it through other parts in between.
* In the manufacturing process, there may be places where the thickness of flocky processing is thin.
* Depending on the thing, the hole may look small due to flocky processing.
* Depending on the thing, there may be protrusions and dents. Please note.

素材: アクリル、ナイロン