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Multi-purpose craft bond Neo

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商品番号 61066908
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価格(税込) ¥594
"Multipurpose Craft Bond", which can be bonded to all kinds of craft materials, has been changed to "Multipurpose Craft Bond NEO" with improved transparency and adhesive strength. Fixing time is approximately 20-60 minutes, and complete curing is approximately 24 hours.
・As the liquid is transparent, the finish is beautiful.
- Strong and water resistant, making it ideal for areas that get wet with water, cloth, ribbons, etc.
・As the liquid does not easily drip, it can be strongly bonded even to uneven surfaces.
- Due to its elasticity, it is resistant to impact.
・An environmentally friendly adhesive that does not use toluene or xylene.

Beads, cloth, leather, ribbon, felt, wood, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, hard vinyl chloride, soft vinyl chloride, styrene, ABS, polycarbonate, FRP, synthetic rubber, concrete, tile, glass, stone, ceramics
*Do not use for bonding precious metals or high-priced items.
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Since air transport is not possible when delivering to Hokkaido and Okinawa prefectures, the item will be delivered by sea. Please note that it may take more than a week for your order to arrive.