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Earrings wire hoop No.2 gold

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 10337806
Size 30mm
入数 1 pair
価格(税込) ¥165
商品番号 61110601
Size 20mm
入数 1 pair
価格(税込) ¥132
The material is brass. You can connect chains and parts to the hoop part. After threading the parts and connecting them, bend the end about 5 mm with a round yam, pass it through the looped part, and secure it.
*As this is an accessory, the color may be changed to reflect changes in fashion. Also, during the processing process, color shading may occur without prior notice. Please note. (Some parts may differ in color from other parts.)

素材: 真鍮、[メッキ]ニッケルフリー