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Resin pearl three quarter single hole white

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 61124202
size 8mm (bottom 6mm)
入数 2 months
価格(税込) ¥176
商品番号 61124400
size 10mm (bottom 7mm)
入数 2 months
価格(税込) ¥220
商品番号 61124608
size 12mm (bottom 8mm)
入数 2 months
価格(税込) ¥242
商品番号 62711708
size 6mm (bottom 4 mm)
入数 Four.
価格(税込) ¥242
* The shape of the bottom 8mm is changed to 12 mm (bottom 8 mm).Please be careful.

It is a one-hole resin pearl with a flat bottom.

The material is the lily of the resin.Paste the part with an adhesive, such as a round plate or a flat surface with a flat surface, and use it as a glue.
*If there is a hole in the painted hole or if there is a buri, please remove the paint from the needle or the eye and remove it.
* Depending on the object, there may be a case of Bali around the hole.Please be careful.

素材: ユリア樹脂


Please check the size and number of checks.
Circular plate, pierced earrings, pierced earrings
Earring screw spring round plate, earring butterfly spring, round plate, earring triangular spring plate, earrings clip, round plate with rubber plate rubber, earthen cuff
Ring table
8mm ring plate round plate, 4 mm with ring stand line round plate, 5mm with ring plate, round ring with pinky round dish, ring stand bar × 22mm
* the ring stand bar is recommended for 6mm and 8mm.
Bangle 6mm, bangle hairline, bangle center flat