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Resin Plus LED&UV lamp

商品情報 価格(税込) 在庫 購入・お気に入り
商品番号 41728
Size About W131 × H66 × D18mm
入数 1 piece
価格(税込) ¥550
This is an LED & UV lamp for accessories made of UV resin.

It is a compact palm-sized product that can be evenly irradiated and cured using 6 light bulbs. Comes with a 1 minute/2 minute timer. The stand, which is convenient for stationary use, can be stored. Since it is an LED, there is no need to replace the bulb.

Connect the included USB cable to the USB power adapter or mobile battery. Securely connect the micro-B connector of the USB cable to the socket on the light body. It lights up when you press the switch on the side (1 minute/2 minute timer).

*Do not look directly at the UV-LED light during use.
*Please note that the resin liquid may harden if placed near the light as the irradiation light spreads.
*This product is not compatible with resin liquids that cure with light other than 405nm and 365nm. You can use the resin liquid that we handle.
*Please prepare a USB power adapter and mobile battery (output DC5.0V=1.0A) separately.
*Power consumption is 6W.

Please keep the delivery note together with the warranty card so that you can confirm the date of purchase (manufacturer's warranty period).

Evolve your resin craft even more and have more freedom
Resin crafts have continued to evolve in various ways, but we want them to use resin more and more!If something is added to resin, if resin is combined with something, there will be more and more new discoveries! ...The new brand born from this idea is "Resin+ (plus)."
In pursuit of these goals, we paid particular attention to both quality and price with the Resin+ series of LED resins.
New quality and price expand the possibilities of resin crafts and further evolve them.