Natural stones that can make longing delicate accessories

For making light accessories in spring and summer ◎
Natural stone of small beads has arrived


A lot of small and outstanding natural stones have arrived at Takawa Seisakusho.
It is recommended for buying because it is in a moderate quantity to use up.


It comes true because it is a natural stone of small beads
Making delicate accessories.

Each characteristic form and cut.
A finely and beautiful cut is applied to the size like a small bead and a small bead.
Each time you wear the light, you will glitter one by one.

Find your favorite one from a unique cut and natural stone combination.

Fill the Pakistan Herkimer, fasten
Sharashalapearas connected to a chain -shaped C can.

A ring with a well -balanced balance between round cut lapis lazuli and stars and metal beads.

Make with fine button cut turquoise
Wire winding earrings.

Just go through a small beads. A bracelet that you want to wear in multiple.

Round cut Morganite, round cut mother of pearl,Metal beads 1 goldAntaron 0.4mm, Round Cut Peter Site, Coin Cut Apatite,Metal beads 2 gold

Please make it with your favorite colors and parts referring to the arrangement.

Round cut 2mm, 3mm

The fine cuts in the round shape are impressive when hitting the light.
Small and delicate sparkle is a big success in various uses ◎

Coin cut about 4mm

Lattice -shaped cut on both sides of coin -shaped.
Since the surface is wider than other cuts, you can feel the color of the natural stone with one grain.

Button cut about 2 × 3mm

A button cut with a tasteful form.
Because it contains fine cuts, it has a sparkling and delicate shine.

Square cut about 2.5mm

The form of the cube is cool. Because it is a chamfered cut, the sparkle degree is also improved.

Double point

It is a form that shines the clear beauty of Pakistanharkimer with sharp both ends.

-Crant here for other recommended natural stones -

Natural stone star dice cut / natural stone dice cut

A natural stone of about 9-10mm large. The form that looks like a square, gold peace sugar or planet, has a perfect presence! A combination with a small bead size natural stone is also recommended.

Recommended parts

Click here for recommended parts for making natural stone accessories like spring and summer.