Sakura SAKURA accessories with a little spring

Pink and white gradation.
Enjoy the "cherry blossoms" accessories that gently color the spring in Japan


It seems that it will be slightly scented to Kaori
There are charms and parts that can make cherry blossom accessories with plenty of emotions this year.
Finish it into a pretty accessory according to the cherry blossom season.


2024 Sakura Accessories
NEW Items!

If you fasten the heart -shaped Kiwa Crystal, you will see the stone seats that look like Sakura flowers!
You can create an elegant Sakura bijou accessory.
Charms and ring platforms that express the fluttering petals are also new.


-Clicked here for#4884 that can be used for Ishiza Charm Sakura

Please choose 5.5 x 5mm in size.
(Heart with a ring stand #4884 can be used for 5.5 x 5mm.)


3 kinds of Sakura accessories of Kiwa Crystal # 4884

Arrange 1
Cute finish with a mini -sized motif ◎
Sakura motif bag charms and 2 piercings.

Arrange 2
With a necklace and ring imitating cherry blossoms
Enjoy the spring feeling elegantly.

-Please check out this Sakura recipe!ー