April coupon code


To celebrate your birthday, you will receive a coupon that will be 300 yen off for over 5,000 yen online store shopping! You can use the coupon until the last day of the birthday moon. Please enjoy shopping.

About birthday registration

After logging in, enter your birthday from "Change Member Information" on My Page.

Similarly, if you check the e -mail magazine "I want", you will be able to use the coupon.

If you have registered your birthday by the 25th of the birthday of your birthday, we will send you a coupon by e -mail.

* You cannot change your birthday once you register.

Those who have not registered as a member

Please register from the following.

How to use coupons

Enter the code in the "Coupon Code" column under the outline of the order screen and click the "Apply" button!

* Coupons cannot be used at the same time as using points or other coupons. Please note.
* The coupon will not return when the order is canceled. Since it will be reissued separatelyinquiryplease.


* Birthday coupons can be used only in the Kiwa Works online Store.

* Birthday coupons can be used until the end of the birth month.

* You can use it only once per person.